Buy Japanese Goods at Good Prices: Decoding the Miniso "Fever" in Vietnam

By em Duyên, 03/12/2021
Buy Japanese Goods at Good Prices: Decoding the Miniso

Miniso is a consumer goods retail brand with Japanese lifestyle, is now available in Viet Nam. With an small amount of only from 40,000 to 70,000 VND, you have already able to own items from phone accessories, cosmetics, jewelry to household appliances, fashion accessories... "Miniso" fully meets the needs of consumers, from children to schoolchildren, students, housewives, women... and even gentle men.

When it was announced that Miniso would be available in Vietnam, there were many opinions that Miniso was a Chinese brand, not a Japanese brand. However, the founder of Miniso - Mr. Miyake Jyunya  explained: In 2013, a Chinese partner came to Japan and the two came up with the idea of ​​founding Miniso. Miniso opened its first store in Japan and then rapidly expanded in Asian countries, especially China.

In 2014-2015, Miniso has covered most of the major cities in China, especially Guangzhou and Hong Kong. After 3 years of establishment, Miniso has up to 1,600 stores in 22 countries and regions, 1,200 stores in China only. Meanwhile, in Japan, there are only 4 stores in Tokyo because the domestic Japanese market is saturated with big retail brands like Muji, Uniqlo or Daiso.


Miniso targets the young customer segment


Miniso's products are very diversified and plentiful, especially suitable for young and family shopaholics. Miniso meets most of the shoppers' needs, from all ages, especially young people with a wide variety of goods with many options and a very eye-catching and unique way of displaying products. Moreover, the price is very affordable but the quality is guaranteed, absolutely safe. Those are the words shared by students in Hanoi.


After Ha Noi, Miniso opened 5 stores in Ho Chi Minh city at the same time in 12/2016.


Not only youth, but "Diaper moms" also love Miniso's chain of stalls with it's various design household products, especially for babies, everything is small and cute.

Every month, Miniso's shelves are always renewed and added more than 100 new products and models, to create excitement for buyers not to be bored and also create shopping habits for customers.

Miniso focuses on fast fashion products. Therefore, the selection of products from all over the world with more than 80% products from Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, China and other countries allows Miniso to satisfy most customer segments.



Same price product 43000 VNĐ at Miniso


In Viet Nam, with the strengths of famous brand, afforable price, attractive design and good quality, Miniso Vietnam becomes a "golden address" for Vietnamese people to shop. In particular, with the experience of Mini So Viet Nam and Miniso's success in other markets, this franchise model will develop rapidly in the near future in Vietnam.


Miniso will develop rapidly in the near future 


​Miniso has been present on almost every continent in the world. Recently Miniso has started to "invade" ASEAN markets such as Thailand, Philippines, Singapore... And Miniso's monthly goal is to open 80-100 stores worldwide. Miniso's goal in the next 5 years is to reach 200 stores in Viet Nam, and at the same time increase the number of stores worldwide to 6,000.

According to analysts, in the near future, it is possible that Miniso-branded retail stores will spring up like mushrooms to meet the consumer needs of Vietnamese people. As a result, it is inevitable that "fake" Miniso stores deceive consumers. So, be a smart consumer!

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